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Courtesy of Oseti

Courtesy of Gurutabi


Courtesy of Rakuten



Anago あなご (salt-water eel) has been highly sought after since the Edo period because of its soft texture and sweet taste.


Anago has often been compared to Unagi because of their many similarities. Anago has less fat, but similar protein and vitamin content.



There is popular dish called Hachiman Maki 八幡巻, which originated from Hachiman city in Kyoto. It is made by wrapping Anago around boiled burdock root, which is then simmered or basted with sauce and grilled.




The methods of preparation for Anago is different from that of Unagi: Anago is often simmered in a mixture of soy sauce, mirin and sugar for hours, to achieve a lightly flavoured Anago with soft edible bones. Anago is usually served either as a Neta on sushi, as a simmered dish or deep-fried as Tenpura.

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