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Akanoya 赤乃家

Akanoya 赤乃家 is one of the few restaurants in Singapore which specialises in Robatayaki. Robatayaki dates back centuries ago to a cooking style by northern Japanese fishermen around a communal hearth. This subsequently evolved into an original traditional Japanese barbecue cooked in front of customers and served directly, akin to a sushi bar.

The chefs sit on an elevated platform, surrounded by carefully selected fresh ingredients ranging from vegetables and mushrooms, to beef and seafood. The atmosphere is lively and theatrical, a recreation of a traditional farmhouse. One is seated around the hearth on counter seats, being able to observe the interaction between the chef and the patrons. 

The cooking style is simple but yet difficult: it takes months of practice to get a feel for it. The aim is to maximise the flavours of the ingredient and retaining its juices using nothing more than the fire and salt.


Because of the simple cooking style, it means that high quality ingredients is essential. Unfortunately, in doing so, usually prices at Robatayaki restaurants are high, usually setting one back by $100 or more per person. To compensate, experience at the Robatayaki is truly memorable. 

Kinki fish キンキ is a deep sea fish, well known for its bright orange appearance that sometimes it is also known as Kichiji 黄血魚 (literally translated as yellow blood fish). Those caught in Hokkaido, especially during winter periods, are known to be particularly rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, hence the amazing taste. 

1 Tanglin Road
#01-01 Orchard Parade Hotel

Singapore 247905

Mon-Sun: 6pm – 2am

Tel: 67321866


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