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Hungry in Tokyo 2nd ed Cover.jpg

A5. 148 x 210 mm. 192 pages. 324g.

We have heard your voices, and now Hungry in Tokyo 2nd edition is out! A complete re-write. Maps re-drawn from scratch. Area notes now inclusive in each chapter. Our guide covers 5 extra areas: the spanking new Toyosu fish market (established in October 2018), culture-vulture Ueno, fashionable Daikanyama, sleepy Nakameguro, and vintage-hungry Shimokitazawa. Retaining 40% of the previous restaurant list, we have put in 56 new places for you to eat at.


Tokyo’s culinary scene is ever so vibrant, and charming. From traditional Japanese fares to French-inspired haute cuisine and dainty cakes, every meal is memorable. 


Tokyo is subdivided into multiple districts, each with its own distinctive character. We’ve selected 13 popular areas, which are places both travellers and locals alike are most likely to visit.


The areas covered in Hungry in Tokyo 2nd edition are:

Tokyo caters to all types of eaters

     The famished,

     the picky, and

     the foodies.


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All the maps are hand-drawn with landmarks checked street by street to help you navigate to your chosen restaurant. 


We hope that Hungry in Tokyo will be able to guide you through this culinary diverse city.


Click here for a sample of Hungry in Tokyo.

© by Eka Wong. 

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