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A5. 148 x 210 mm. 176 pages. 300g



Encouraged by the success of Hungry in Tokyo, we embarked on our second project to suss out the restaurant scene in the anti-thesis of Tokyo - Kyoto.


Kyoto is a place that epitomises grace. Simplicity and elegance permeate life in Kyoto - from its architecture to its food. As the ancient capital of Japan, it is no wonder that almost every tourist attraction is a UNESCO Heritage site.


A tour of Kyoto is not complete without a tour of its historic temples and serene nature parks. Hence, we have included area notes on top of restaurant recommendations for 8 popular districts in Kyoto.


The 8 districts covered in Hungry in Kyoto are:

As per Hungry in Tokyo, all maps are hand-drawn with landmarks checked street by street to help you navigate to your chosen restaurant. This time, we also added price estimates for each meal based on feedback we have received from our readers. (Thank you for the excellent suggestion and support!) 


We hope that Hungry in Kyoto will help the foodie in you enjoy this culturally rich city.


Click here for a sample of Hungry in Kyoto.

© by Eka Wong. 

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