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Media Appearances

The world has always been fascinated with Japanese food. The fiery dedication the chefs have, the wide variety of ingredients, and the myriad of dishes in Japan’s menu. 

Eka’s passion on Japan’s culinary art was soon noticed, and the word got out.

Not long after ‘Hungry in Tokyo’ was published, Eka was interviewed by Lian He Zao Bao 联合早报, the most-read Chinese newspaper in Singapore.


During Esplanade’s Super Japan Festival, Eka was invited to give a talk at library@esplanade on Food in Japan on 22nd May 2016.


The entertaining and colourful talk, entitled 'Hungry in Japan', covered the staggering variety of dishes one may find on his or her travels in Japan. He touched on the variations on each recipe, and the geographical influences on the dishes. There were tips on where each dish could be found. 

It ended on a sweet note when he shared about traditional sweets and French-inspired cakes.

In Sep 2019, Eka was interviewed by Arigato Food Tours Japan, run by a group of expert culinary guides who have taken numerous travellers on memorable dining journeys.

Read about his interview here on Arigato Food Tour Japan's blog.

If you're in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka or Hiroshima, Mt Fuji and you would like someone to take you around to eat at places where the locals go, do consider having a guide take you around. You can reach them  via their website Arigato Food Tours Japan or their email.

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Oct 2019, Eka was invited to give a talk, together with Anna Chittenden of 'Tokyo & Beyond’, and Pok Yue Weng of ‘Tokyo Cafe’ at Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City. During that hour, they shared stories about their journeys in Tokyo as they wrote their travel guide. On the far left, is Kenny Leck, owner of BooksActually, an independent indie bookstore. 

Staying in Japan for stretches at a time is no easy feat, especially if the room is cramped, and the location is inconvenient. 


Roomorama, an online marketplace for vacation rentals, interviewed Eka for tips on where to eat in Tokyo. He shares his tasty tales on all things local, memorable, and entertaining. Included inside the low-down is a suggested two-day dining itinerary.


Find out more about Eka's interview (unfortunately, the company is now defunct so the link is no longer available).

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