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A5. 148 x 210 mm. 176 pages. 301g





Motivated by the overwhelming response to both ‘Hungry in Kyoto’ and ‘Hungry in Tokyo’, we soon found ourselves in the heart of the restaurant scene of Osaka.


Known as the Kitchen of Japan, Osaka serves food that touches the hearts of people. Many recognise the savoury pancake-like Okonomiyaki, bite-sized spherical Takoyaki and deep-fried Kushikatsu skewers as classic Osaka dishes. But Osaka’s culinary landscape isn’t just about that. There are hidden treasures to be found in every nook and cranny of Osaka’s urban forest.

Each part of Osaka has a different character which influences the type of food served. 

As with our previous guides, the maps are hand-drawn, with landmarks to help you around. We have even attempted the impossible - mapping Umeda’s complicated underground network and showing how it links from one building to another underground. 


Thanks to feedback from our readers, Hungry in Osaka now includes new icons on each restaurant page to help you identify restaurants that are family-friendly and restaurants that require reservations to be made.


We hope that Hungry in Osaka will nourish the foodie in each and every one of you. 


Click here for a sample of Hungry in Osaka.

© by Eka Wong. 

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