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Chikuyotei 竹葉亭

Based at the lobby of Intercontinental Hotel at Bugis, Chikuyotei 竹葉亭 has been famed for their Unagi うなぎ (freshwater eels).


Their freshwater eels are imported into Singapore live from Japan, and are freshly prepared, grilled and basted with sweet sauce. The result: a juicy, delicate, well-flavoured Unagi Kabayaki (eel fillet).


The sign at their entrance ’活うなぎ使用店' emphases that the freshwater eels they use are live. 

With such delicious Unagi, what best pairs with it?


Many would say: a bowl of steaming hot rice.

Their Yumepirika ゆめぴりか rice is specially imported from Hokkaido. The name Yumepirika consists of two words: ‘Yume’ 夢 meaning dream, and ‘Pirika’ ピリカ which is the word for beautiful in the Ainu language of Hokkaido’s indigenous people In a 2010 rice tasting contest in Japan, Yumepirika and Nanatsuboshi (both Hokkaido brands) were placed in the A-plus category. Yumepirika has several prized characteristics: the increase stickiness of the rice, lower concentration of protein, and a beautiful luster. 


This combination, a match made in heaven, is a dream come true. 

80 Middle Road

1st Floor

Intercontinental Hotel

Singapore 188966

Mon-Sun: 12-2:30pm, 6:30-10:30pm

Opens everyday


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