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Kōji 糀

Another amazing brainchild from the team behind Shunjuu Izakaya at Robertson Quay, Kōji serves mouthwatering sushi and donburi (bowl of rice, topped with a variety of ingredients). Decked with wooden furniture and floral white walls, the serene ambience is a welcomed retreat from the hustle and bustle of the CBD. 


Their most popular dish is the decadent sashimi donburi was sprinkled with Tenkasu 天かす or known as Agedama 揚げ玉 by some (crunchy bits of deep fried flour-batter), and topped with creamy Uni (optional).

The rich flavours of the Sha-ke 鮭 (Salmon), Mekajiki めかじき (Sword fish), Hamachi はまち (Yellow tail) , were well contrasted by the piquant accent from the Chuka Kurage 中華くらげ. On top of it all, there is a choice between white and brown rice.

Their dessert choice is short and succinct: Their Amazake 甘酒 is a traditional sweet, non-alcoholic Japanese drink made from fermented rice.

This is where Kōji 糀 (malt) plays a part: it is added to cooled whole grain rice to break down the carbohydrates into simpler unrefined sugars, allowing the sweetness to develop naturally.

Amazake is believed to be nutritious, and is considered to be a hangover cure in Japan. 

Nankin Row, 3 Pickering St #01-42 Singapore 048660

Tel: 62256125 

Mon to Sat: 1130 - 1500, 1700 - 2200

Closed on Sun

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