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Tonkatsu Ma Maison  とんかつマメゾン

Ma Maison is french for 'My Home'. The concept was first born in Japan, where the owner wanted his restaurant to exude the warmth and kindness of a British private home. Displaying his collection of antique furniture and miscellanous finds, he created a homely feel where patrons are guests, and to kick back and indulge. Since then, Ma Maison has expanded to all around Asia, to share this vision with many.


Tonkatsu Ma Maison at Mandarin Gallery is one of the many branches in Singapore, though they specialise in Tonkatsu とんかつ (deep fried breaded pork cutlet). 

Kamado かまど is a traditional Japanese wood fired earthen vessel used as a stove. They go back thousands of years ago as clay vessels which were used to cook food. Over the years, there has been variations to them: clay, ceramic, steel etc. The Japanese Kamado were designed for us indoors, whereas the ones used in the US are generally for outside use. Traditionally, the Japanese use the Kamado to cook rice, hence the Kamado being named as Mushikamado 蒸しかまど (steaming Kamado). It is generally not used to cook meat, fish or anything else. The Mushikamado were often used in ceremonial family function. 

The Kamado produces shiny and fluffy rice, though it can be used to make rice crust, known as Okoge おこげ。

I digress: The Tonkatsu at Ma Maison is made from a various of pork cutlets. The most popular is the Tokusen Kurobuta Ippon Rosu Katsu Set 特選黒豚いっぽんロスセット (Special deep-fried breaded black pork loin. The leaner version is made from Hire ヒレ (pork fillet). The difference between the special set and the regular set is that the pork cutlet is juicier and tastier. 



There is free-flow cabbage and Tonjiru 豚汁 (Soup made with pork and vegetables, flavoured with miso).

Some have described Tonjiru to be akin to Miso soup levelled up by a notch. Amazing stuff.

333A Orchard Road #02-35 & #02-36 Mandarin Gallery

Tel: 67334541

11am-3pm, 5pm-10pm.

Opens everyday

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