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Omu-rice オムライス is a play on the words Omelette and Rice.

It is not a surprise that the end product is Omelette on Rice.


The rice is often mixed with tomato ketchup, or cooked with butter. 

A common accompaniment to Omu-rice is demi-glace sauce, which is a rich brown sauce often used in French cuisine, as itself or as a base for other sauces. 

Popular alternatives to demi-glace sauce are curry sauce and cream sauce.


Omu-rice is popular at maid cafes where the plain yellow omelette doubles up as a canvas, with various drawings scribbled artistically over them, ranging from anime characters to expressions of love.




Taken at: めぐろ三ツ星食堂

東京都品川区上大崎3-4-6 目黒瑛和ビル 1F

Opens 11:30~14:30, 18:00~21:30(L.O)

Closes over the weekend

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