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Osaka is famous for her B-kyu gurume (B-class gourmet cuisine) , which sings to the souls of the people. 


Hungry in Osaka has dedicated articles, explaining about Osaka’s Okonomiyaki, Kushi-age and Yakiniku, the must-eat foods in this dynamic cosmopolitan city. We’ve assembled a list of restaurants, which offers their own version of the dish. Some of these restaurants are hidden away, so we’ve provided enough pictures and information to help you suss them out.


Not worry, we’ve included a number of high end restaurants for those who wishes to fine-dine in Osaka.


You can read a sampler here.


Each book has a chapter on phrases to use during your dining experience, and a short vocabulary page to aid you in reading the menu or navigating your way around supermarkets.

Hungry in Osaka book

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