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This is where the 'Hungry in Japan' series started.

Published in 2014, Hungry in Tokyo 1st edition has over 90 restaurants, and covers 8 different locations in Tokyo, both common and the off-the-beaten-track.
Over the years, this book has done well. I have distributed almost 2000 copies. In the meantime, I have received requests for travel information to be incorporated, and for more areas to be covered. I have improved my map-drawing skills, and photography techniques. That led to the birth of Hungry in Tokyo 2nd edition which has massive revisions and additions.  

Even though I have taken the Hungry in Tokyo 1st edition off the shelves to make way for the 2nd edition, a number of my readers still enjoy reading this book. I have a small number of copies left to distribute. This book has quite a bit of information which is not in the 2nd edition eg the Ebisu chapter, and a whole bunch of restaurants one can visit. Please note that a small number of restaurants in this book have moved or closed. I'll indicate that in a leaflet when you receive this book.


You can read a sampler here.


As with the other books: Each book has a chapter on phrases to use during your dining experience, and a short vocabulary page to aid you in reading the menu or navigating your way around supermarkets.

Hungry in Tokyo

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