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Sushi Kuu 寿司喰

喰う is an informal masculine term for eat. And indeed, Sushi Kuu sure knows how to provide a cool chic calm environment for a leisurely meal.


Sushi Kuu started off in Hongkong 9 years ago in the heart of Lan Kwai Fong, and subsequently branched off to Singapore at the esteemed Palais Renaissance in August 2013. They've always been known to have fresh seafood from Japan, creative sushi rolls, and luxurious set lunches.

The Kaisen Chirashi Don 海鮮ちらし丼 is decadent: on top of a bed of mildly vinegared rice, there is a myriad of raw fish slices of various types, ranging from Salmon and Tai (seabream) to Katsuo (skipjack tuna) and Toro (fatty tuna), with a Botan ebi (botan shrimp) as the core center piece, topped with a sprinkle of Ikura (marinated salmon roe) and Uni (sea urchin roe). 

The Sanbo Don 三宝丼 is made from three elements: Negitoro (chopped up fatty tuna belly) sans the spring onions, Ikura and Uni. 

On first glance, because of the vastness of the bowel, the word 'sparse' comes to mind. But upon indulging, one would soon realise that there is adequate ingredient proportions (though my friend M would have liked to have another bowl). 

The Wagyu Don 和牛丼 is great for those who love a rich carnivorous touch to their meal. Lined with slices of medium rare Wagyu, topped with shreds of onion, a handful of garlic chips, and sprinkle of pine nuts, finally drizzled over with sweet and salty sauce. 

390 Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance #01-07

Tel: 6736 0100

Mon to Sun: 1200noon to 3pm, 6pm-10:30pm

Opens everyday

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