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Autumn Road-trip: Day 1 Part 2 Green-tea Ice-cream @ Hikone Castle Road

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Ice-cream @ Tea room 

After a fulfilling meal, we set off to see the Hikone Castle. At the corner of our eyes, we spotted Matcha Soft serve 抹茶ソフト! How could we refuse? In a single swirl, there are two different grades of Matcha, intertwined like two lovers spinning around each other. So pretty!

Once we decided to feast on it, it disappeared in a flash!

In case you're looking for the shop front, this is it. There are plenty of seats inside. Apart from the cafe, there is a section which sells tea leaves for personal use or gifts.

茶房 源三郎 (which is part of Mandokoroen 政所園 )

滋賀県彦根市本町2-1-7 [Google maps link]

9:30am-6pm. Opens everyday

Tel: 0749-22-8808

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