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Autumn Road-trip: Day 2 Part 4 Yamanakaza, the heart of Yamanaka Onsen

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

We left our car at Ayatori Bridge, and wandered towards the heart of Yamanaka Onsen. Not far away, we came across Yamanakaza, which appears to be like a townhall of this hot spring town.

Visit @ Yamanakaza

In actual fact, Yamanakaza is Yamanaka Onsen’s town theatre. An elegant building decorated with lacquered walls (and even ceiling), created by the area’s finest craftsmen. 

On the ceiling of the lobby, a ‘Children’s Festival’ was illustrated, a gorgeous artpiece that is made of previous gold and silver lacquer on top of other colors. 

The lobby shares about the history of the performers.

Yamanakaza Hall © Yamanaka-spa website

One can catch traditional geisha performances here which are held on the weekends. The large ornately designed hall, which seats 180 people, has an intricately woven backdrop curtain that has the history of Yamanaka Onsen depicted on it.

Opposite to the Yamanakaza is the Kiku no Yu Public Bath House. This is the Men's bath, and opposite (next to Yamanakaza) is the Women's bath. The water is said to be enriched with sulphur minerals, which helps the skin improve.



石川県加賀市山中温泉薬師町ム1番地 [Google map link]

Tel: 0761-78-5523

Open 8:30am-10pm. 

Geisha performance: 3:30pm-4:10pm on Sat, Sun & PH. Adults ¥700, Children ¥350

Combination ticket: ¥1000 for show ticket + entrance fee to the Yamanakaza bath house

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