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Iya Valley Road-Trip - Day 4 Part 3 Mount Tsurugi 剣山

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Let's get the navigational details out of the way first.

Hike @ Mt Tsurugi

Arrived at the Chair-lift at 12:30pm - Departed at 4:30pm (in hindsight, might have been preferable to drive away from Mt Tsurugi earlier because we got caught by nightfall, so that made driving back to our ryokan quite stressful and tense).

This is my journey up and down Mt Tsurugi. Get ready to hear me huff and puff my way around. That was some workout! Wonder how much calories did I burn off?

From the top of the chairlift, we took the blue route up to the top. After an hour of climbing and ogling at the clouds, we got close to the summit. We stopped at the Hutte 剣山頂上ヒュッテ for a plate of Curry rice and cup of hot cocoa (Lunch was ¥1300). That really hit the spot! I bought a grey Montbell water bottle to use for work.

Before we took the chair-lift down, my little eye spied this beauty. The entire scene was dynamic. Sunrays peeking through the breaks in the clouds whenever they could, shining onto the autumn-coloured hillsides.

One of the most breath-taking moments on this trip was the chair lift ride down.

Mt Tsurugi


Parked at the Mountain Chair-lift 剣山観光登山リフト [Google map link]

Toilet available on the ground floor

In operation mid April to last day of Nov.

Round way trip ¥1900 (Adult), ¥900 (Child)

One way trip ¥1050 (Adult), ¥470 (Child)

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