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Kamenoi Mount Aso

Image by Kamenoi Aso

We were looking for a place to stay near Mount Aso. The original plan was to stay at Kumamoto and travel to Mount Aso. That road trip would be at least 90min each way. There weren't many hotels around Mount Aso that I could find. When I chanced upon this branch of Kamenoi, I knew that this was it. We've experienced Kamenoi's hospitality, and were happy to return.

Typically whenever one stays in a ryokan, they think of a long wooden table, adorned with a symphony of porcelain bowls, each brimming with vibrant bites: crimson tuna sashimi blushing like sunset, prawn tempura's golden carapace cradling fluffy tempura, and agedashi tofu's silken squares bathed in a blushing dashi broth.

This time was different. I wanted to try their buffet.

Look at that massive platter of Zuwai-gani crab legs. Their glistening shells, flecked with white, whisper of the ocean's embrace, while the delicate tips, the color of spun sugar, hint at the sweetness within. That promise of succulent flesh waiting to be unearthed.

And we dug out those wonderful chunks of me, and laid them out on a bed of rice. Presenting: Zuwagani-don!

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When we stepped into the Kamenoi's dining room, we were starstruck. Floor-to-ceiling windows frame panoramic views of the Aso caldera, a mesmerizing expanse of smoldering volcanic peaks and verdant valleys.

Apart from the Zuwai-gani crab legs, one can try their Kumamoto speciality: Horsemeat sashimi and mustard lotus root.

We loved the rooms. Spaciousness greeted us, the air soft with the scent of tatami mats. Our room had an elevated section, covered in tatami mat. An elevated section, carpeted in the woven comfort of tradition, beckoned like a secret playground. Our baby son loved it. His eyes wide with wonder, immediately took to it, tiny fingers tracing the intricate patterns The view was amazing. We woke up to a spectacle that left us breathless each morning. We witnessed the sun paint the five volcanic peaks of Aso in a kaleidoscope of colors.

Taking a couple steps back, I have to talk about the lobby. Stepping into the spacious lobby felt like stepping through a portal into Kumamoto's heart. Generous, and loving. A playful Kumamoto mascot sat by the side, posing with our little one who ran over. A charming boutique whispered of local treasures, snacks and clothes.

Towards the back of the lobby were the floor-to-ceiling windows, framing a masterpiece of Mount Aso's grandeur. Sunlight streamed through vast windows, warming the sleek stone floor and bathing the space in a golden glow.

After a tough day of walking, nothing beats Immersing my tired legs in the natural hot springs, a soul-soothing ritual passed down through generations. As all the weariness melted away, I thought "Ah, this is life."

Kamenoi Aso



I booked directly from the website. You can book via 3rd party eg

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