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OMO5 Kumamoto Hotel

Located in the center of Kumamoto, a city celebrated for its enduring spirit and diverse cultural legacy, is OMO5 Kumamoto—a hotel brimming with lively energy and local character. Say goodbye to ordinary accommodations; this dynamic retreat seamlessly blends contemporary design with Kumamoto's distinctive charm, providing a doorway to an exceptional Japanese adventure.

Both the strategic location of OMO5 Kumamoto and the esteemed reputation of the Hoshino hotel chain captivated our attention. Proudly situated at the intersection of Shimotori and Kamitori, Kumamoto's bustling shopping districts, OMO5 Kumamoto offers a vibrant setting. With the delightful city tram gliding past and a myriad of inviting shops and restaurants, there's never a shortage of activities and discoveries. Wander through hidden alleys adorned with local treasures, indulge in the city's exquisite cuisine, or immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere – all just steps away. Hoshino hotels are synonymous with luxurious ryokan experiences, featuring playful touches that seamlessly blend modern comfort with immersive explorations of authentic Japanese culture.

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Upon stepping into the lobby, we were welcomed by a harmonious blend of warm colors, wood accents, and friendly smiles. The check-in procedure proved to be straightforward, as we had received a QR code before our arrival. Presenting the QR code along with our passports facilitated a swift check-in, and we were promptly provided with our keys. Progressing from the lobby, we strolled through the dining area and found ourselves on the expansive balcony.

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Elevated on the upper levels of a mall, the balcony offers breathtaking views of Kumamoto Castle throughout the day and night.

In the evening, this locale transforms into a lively social hub where numerous individuals gather to enjoy drinks and engage in socializing with friends. The vibrant atmosphere creates an inviting setting for casual get-togethers, fostering a sense of camaraderie among patrons.

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Adding to the festive ambiance, Kumamoto's charming mascot, Kumamon, occasionally makes appearances, delighting and entertaining the crowd.

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To reach the hotel, we passed through an entrance adorned with a stylish appearance.

The Reception is a short ride away from the ground floor.

What stands out to us at OMO5 Kumamoto is the diverse range of rooms, each boasting its own distinctive charm and individualized touches. Adding a delightful touch, each room is assigned its own unique name.

During our stay, we experienced two different types of rooms. In the Entaku Twin Room, we appreciated the charming sitting area nestled between the beds, providing extra space for organizing luggage. It's worth noting that the entire floor is covered in traditional tatami mats, adding an authentic touch to the ambiance.

In the Utsuwa Twin Room, a delightful blend of Western and Japanese elements is evident, featuring an elevated platform. By rearranging the beds, we were able to create a charming playpen for our son, adding a touch of versatility to the room. Additionally, our accommodations offered captivating views of the cityscape, and we were fortunate enough to catch glimpses of the majestic Kumamoto Castle through our window.

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Lastly, introducing the OMO House, a highly recommended choice for families and groups. This spacious accommodation comprises two bedrooms, a well-equipped kitchen, a drum-type washing machine, and a dryer for added convenience. The OMO House also features a private twin room, and the option to create a secluded area by lowering the screen between the bunk beds. The kitchen space invites you to fully indulge in the flavors of Kumamoto while enjoying meals and engaging in lively conversations.

If we have the chance to return to Kumamoto, we'll definitely want to stay in this hotel again.

OMO5 Kumamoto by Hoshino Resorts

5-1 Tetorihon-cho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto 860-0808 has a wonderful collection of pictures of the hotel.

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