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Shizuoka - Fujinomiya to Fujisawa (and lots of places in between)

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Cannot see Mount Fuji


I drew that dotted line - to show where Mt Fuji would show up, if the sky was clear.

We wanted to drive along the Fuji-San Sky line to the Fifth station.

But because of high chance of snow, probably that highway would be closed to cars. Furthermore, we didn’t have snowtires or four wheel drive.

We took highway 469, and then 24 to drive towards Gotemba Premium Outlet. The drive was smooth. We saw a few heaps of snow by the side of the road as we were along highway 469.

That route took us past Fujisan Children’s World 富士山こどもの国、Jurigi Kogen Observation Deck 十里木高原展望台, and Fuji Safari Park 富士サファリパーク.

We didn’t stop at any, because we were trying to rush to Gotemba Premium Outlets.

But this is probably what we could have seen and done. #SoLittleTimeSoMuchToDo

Fuji Safari Park © Fuji Safari

View from Jurigi Kogen Observatory Deck © Susonocity

To see this view, you need to climb a long flight of steps. I was tempted to hike up, but Mum's knees didn't agree with the plan. So nope.

Fujisan Children's World© 富士山こどもの国

Mount Fuji in the background © Premium Outlets

Shopping @ Gotemba Premium Outlet

Tel: 0550-81-3122

Free parking.

Arrived: 11:30am.

We’re stoked! We’ve heard so much about Gotemba Premium Outlet, and it’s about time we brought Mum here to shop.

There’s lots of parking. There were numerous parking attendants along the road who directed us to the nearest available parking lot. Though do keep in mind that some of the lots are quite some distance away, so do come early.

You can pick up a map detailing the location of the different brands in the premium outlet. If you want to do some prior research, this link will take you to the list of brands that are housed there.

Don’t forget to bring your passport to claim Tax refund.

Most of the brands are from the states or Europe. Prices don’t differ much from boutiques in Tokyo or Osaka. I didn’t see anything that I felt that was a steal.

There is a bus service which takes one to Tokyo station, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Shinagawa, Yokohama, Kawaguchiko, Fuji-Q Highland etc.

The only thing I wish I could have seen was Mount Fuji in the background. But alas, it was a cloudy day, remember?

Lunch @ Kintaro


Tel: 0550-83-6608

11am-8:30pm. Closed on Tue

Arrived: 1pm

Kintaro serves two types of soba. Black soba (黒) (also known as Gen soba 玄そば) whose taste is more rustic and coarse as the entire buckwheat kernel is milled. For any Soba dish one orders, one has a choice of either soba.

White soba (白) (also known Nuki soba ヌキそば) which made from the core of the buckwheat after discarding the husk, resulting in smoother taste.

Black soba (黒) (also known as Gen soba 玄そば) has a taste which is more rustic and coarse as the entire buckwheat kernel is milled.

For any Soba dish one orders, one has a choice of either soba.

As starters, we had a plate of their fried river shrimps 川えび唐揚.

This is their home-made Konnyaku sashimi 自家製刺身こんにゃく. Do bear in mind that although this is called sashimi, it is not fish-based.

I always like to see the soba-making room in any soba restaurant I walk it. It is a certificate of authencity.

The view we wished we saw © Mishima Sky Walk

Mishima Sky Walk


Google map link to the carpark: 〒411-0012 静岡県三島市笹原新田

Tel: 055-972-0084

9am-5pm. Adult entrance fee: ¥1000.

Free parking.

Arrived: 3pm

The grand plan was to admire Mount Fuji from the 400 meter long suspended bridge: the Mishima Sky walk, Japan’s longest suspension bridge. The sky is starting to clear up a bit, so we begin to see the base of Mount Fuji.

There’s plenty of activities one can do at Mishima Skywalk, but unfortunately that day, we were too cold to do much apart from take pictures, and imagine what it would look like if the sky had cleared up.

Within the compounds of Mishima Skywalk, we ducked into the Sky Garden to get away from the cold. The Sky Garden is gorgeous! It is an atrium with bouquets of flower suspended from the ceiling. There are a few gift shops and food stalls which line the sides of the interior. The centre of the atrium is a sitting area where one can have a cup of tea, a cake (or two), and chat the afternoon away.

You can pick up an English pamphlet on what MIshima Skywalk is about.

At this point, I realised that we packed too many things into our itinerary, so things are getting a bit rushed and intense.

Hakone-Yumoto Station

We parked here: Google map link

As we were driving towards Enoshima, it started to rain quite heavily. So we stopped at Hakone-Yumoto station. We were hoping that we could grab tea but we ended up loitering amongst the gift shops until the rain lightened up.

Just wandered.



We parked at the sheltered carpark: Google map link

Ah… Today’s itinerary was overly ambitious.

I wanted to see the Enoshima Sea candle, which is an observation tower and lighthouse. It is supposed to be spectacular. Unfortunately we were faced with steep staircases. Mum’s knees didn’t agree with it. So this is the best shot I’ve got.

Til next time.

This is what we wanted to see. The illumination of the Enoshima Sea Candle © Ozmall

Off we go to Fujisawa! Introducing our next hotel...

Stay @ Sotetsu Fresa Inn Fujisawa-Minamiguchi

相鉄フレッサイン 藤沢駅南口

Arrived: 8pm.

Finally. We can let our car rest for the night while we dine.

I picked a hotel within Fujisawa because I wanted to be close to our dinner location. The hotel is clean and decent. Room’s small, as usual. But no complaints. We’re here to stop over for the night.

Dinner @ Dassai


Tel: 0466-28-0910

5pm-onwards. (We booked the day before.)

Short walk from our hotel.

Arrived: 9:10pm.

That precise, you say? That’s the timing I was given when I called to make our booking. Dassai is a small izakaya. With only 18 seats, and a relatively high rating online on Tabelog, this place is must be popular. We were fortunate to be allocated a table.

We ordered the Sashimi platter 刺身盛り合わせ.

The ポークの溶岩焼き was exciting! The sizzling sound of the pork grilling on the hot plate got a lot of heads turning.

When we ordered the Yari-ika no Yakimono ヤリイカの焼き物, we got a charcoal grill to cook our squid. We had a big pot of Cheese Risotto チーズリゾット. That was deliciously creamy. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture. Oops! That is so unlike me.

There is something comforting about being able to walk back to the hotel from dinner.

Entrance to Dassai © user - maron0904

Gochisou sama deshita. Goodnight.

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