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Autumn Road-trip: Day 1 Part 4 Genkyuen Gardens

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

A Stroll @ Genkyuen Garden

From the Nishinomaru bailey, we walked down the Kuromon Sando pathway 黒門山道 to reach the rear gates of the Genkyuen Park 玄宮園. 

Genkyuen gardens was built in 1677 by Ii Nao'oki (井伊直興), the 4th Lord of Hikone.

It has a large central lake in the heart of the grounds.

Within the pond, there are four small islands, interconnected by short bridges.

From the gardens, one can see Hikone Castle’s main keep. We enjoyed the slow stroll through the gardens. 

There is a teahouse, once used to entertain the lord’s guests, for modern-day visitors to take a breather, and contemplate over a cup of Matcha and Japanese sweet as they soak up the moment.

We exited through the front entrance. Just a picture, in case you're looking for it.

Dad's been asking for tea, so let's go and grab a cuppa, and kick back and relax. We did just arrive in Japan just hours ago.

Genkyuen Garden


〒522-0061 滋賀県彦根市金亀町3 [Google Map Link]


Admission fee: 

Garden only: ¥200

Castle + Garden: ¥800

Castle, Garden + Museum: ¥1200

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