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Autumn Road-trip: Day 1 Part 5 Tea at Mihori Cafe & Wander along Castle Road

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Tea @ Mihori Cafe in Club Harie

Shiga-ken Hikone-shi Honmachi 1-2-33 [Google map link] 滋賀県彦根市本町1-2-33 2nd floor

9am-5pm. Cafe’s opening hours are: 10am-6pm. Open everyday except 1Jan.

Not far from Hikone, we wandered into a quaint housing estate, and stumbled upon this lovely building with a shop selling cakes and traditional sweets on the ground floor, accompanied by two tea houses on the second floor. We opted for the Western version - Club Harie. 

Club Harie is a large tea room, where families and couples get together to enjoy the break from their busy day, be it work or sightseeing.  When we were there, there were numerous Halloween decorations.

We got the Cake set ケーキセット (¥1320) which entitles you to 2 cakes of your choice, and a drink. Because it was autumn, and Dad loves chestnuts, we got their version of a Monte Blanc cake, and a chestnut cream roll.


We strolled along Hikone's Castle road.

This is one of the most interesting things we across while exploring the Castle road. Koi in a canal! Are those structures drains? Probably not.

We all have probably seen someone pull a Rickshaw in Japan before. But this is the first time I've seen someone pull one while wearing something that resembles a set of armor.

There are plenty of stores which sells snacks for people to nibble while walking around. You can find Takoyaki,

Beef Croquette, and more!

The sun is about to set. We're staying in another city, so we gotta wrap up, get some supplies and head off.

Supermarketing @ Beisia

滋賀県彦根市馬場2-1-1 [Google map link]


This Supermarket is awesomely huge! Rows and rows of aisle. Cookies of every kind. Dad and Mum stocked up on grapes. It's one of their favourite fruits, and because there are so many types available. We got Shine Muscat and Kyoho grapes.

After we stepped out, we were greeted by this beautiful spectacle. Nature is amazing.

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