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Autumn Road-trip: Day 2 Part 2 Kehi no Matsubara

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Stroll along @ Kehi no Matsubara

Arrived 9am - Departed 10:30am

Ranked as one of the top three most beautiful pine parks in Japan, Kehi no Matsubara is a splendid short getaway for families and couples.  When summer arrives, the beach is filled with beach goers.

The white of the sands, contrasts with the blue of the sea and the green of the pines. 

As we wander through the Pinetree forest, it felt like we were wandering into a different realm. There is a Legend about this pine tree forest 松原の一夜伝説. It was said that during the reign of Emperor Shomu, a swarm of invaders tried to enter Japan on this coast where Kehi no Matsubara sits. Overnight, thousands of pine trees sprung up, creating an illusion that there was a huge army, with flags waving from atop. The attackers flipped out and ran away.

We came across a pine. Mum was fascinated. She thought about the various ways one could use it in home decor. But to respect nature, we need to leave this pine cone where we found it. Hopefully, a beautiful strong pine tree will grow out of this.

Kehi no Matsubara


〒914-0801 福井県敦賀市松島町33 [Google map link]

Free parking - We parked here [Google map link]

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