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Autumn Road-trip: Day 2 Part 1 Waking up in Tsuruga (with breakfast)

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Tsuruga is a port-side city. We chose to stop by here because it is along our journey, and has an amazing site for morning walks - that'll be in the next part.

Stay @ Toyoko Inn Tsuruga-Eki-mae

The hotel is a decent place to stay overnight.

The room is fairly spacious. There is a huge space below the bed to store your luggage.

Parking's available at the back. It is an automatic parking garage. Very much like a car park vending machine.

Our stay comes with free breakfast. Always a plus!

It is a simple affair. Onigiri + Miso soup. On the side, we have thinly sliced cabbage, pan-fried burdock root, and some meatballs.

The street in front of Toyoko Inn Tsuruga-eki-mae is also known as Symbol Road シンボルロード. There are numerous Japanese animation character statues placed along this street. This is Hoshino Tetsuro, an orphan who lives in a world where machines dominated human. You can read more about him here [link].

We took a picture of another pair of figurines. This is Kodai Susumu and Yuki Mori from 'Space Battleship Yamato'.

If you want to see the entire list of statues in Symbol Road, you can see more here [link] though it is all in Japanese. Google translate offers pretty good help!

東横INN敦賀駅前〒914-0054 福井県敦賀市白銀町5-20 [Google map link]Tel: 0770-20-1045

We booked it on

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