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Autumn Road-trip: Day 2 Part 6 The last bridge: Kurotani Bridge

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

As the Daishoji River 大聖寺川 flows downstream, the last bridge it encounters in Kakusenkei Gorge 鶴仙渓 is the Kurotani Bridge 黒谷橋.

Once upon a time, the bridge that stood here previously was made of wood. But in 1938, that changed when the bridge was rebuilt with stones.

Below the bridge, is a huge abysse. Next to the bridge, one can walk down a flight of stairs to the pathway that would take you to Ayatori Bridge, and much further down, the Korogi Bridge.

btw, we parked at Marue, a nearby supermarket [Google map link] simply because we wanted to stock up on more grapes.

If anybody would like to stay in Yamanaka Onsen and be near to Kurotani Bridge, there is a luxurious onsen ryokan, Hama-mura 花紫 [link]. Their meals look exquisite, and their rooms look spacious. I bet that a morning walk around the ryokan would be invigorating.

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