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Autumn Road-trip: Day 3 Part 1 Drive out

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Exploring Chirihama Kaisuiyokujo on wheels


〒925-0054 石川県羽咋市千里浜町タ [Google map link]

Our most unique drive to date. Chirihama Beach is the only tourist attraction in Japan where you can drive (and park) on the sand. During the summer, it is a popular beach destination.

We visited Chirihama Kaisuiyokujo on a rainy day.

After leaving the highway, we entered a dirt road. It was a surprise to see what we saw. In a good way, though.

Seeing the sea as we drove was mind-blowing. Our eyes are used to seeing barriers between the road and the coast. Here, there is none!

And you can park on the beach!

We were the only visitors as it was off-peak and it was rainy.

I had lots of fun enjoying the moment.

If you can see what I saw, there is a little pigeon walking along the coast.

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There is a lot to do and see at Chirihama Beach in the summer. During our visit, we didn't see any changing rooms, shower rooms, or lifeguards, but I presume they would be present during the summer months. July and August are the busiest months. There is a blog post featuring Chirihama Beach during Summer. You can read it here.

I hope that one of my readers might some day chance upon this treasure of ours, and experience the same wonderful moment as we did.

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