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Iya Valley Road-Trip - Day 2 Part 5 - Sanuki Udon as tea break + check-in

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

This may sound odd, but we’re having Udon for tea! After all, Kagawa prefecture is famous for Sanuki Udon. I’m not going to pass on having a local dish.

Tea time @ Yamadaya Udon

Arrived 4pm - Depart 5:30pm

The grandeur of Yamadaya Honten is astounding. The elegant mansion has been prized as a Cultural Property of Japan. Surrounded by a beautiful garden, diners can sip on tea and look out while waiting for their food to arrive.

We ordered the Kama-bukkake 釜ぶっか. The Sanuki Udon is boiled briefly and chilled. This method, the chewiness and firmness of the udon are preserved.  Sanuki Udon (these are the characters typically used 讃岐うどん) is characterised by its thick square-shaped cross-section (compared to the thin flat Inaniwa Udon). It is made with wheat flour, historically sourced from Kawaga prefecture. The noodles are historically named after an old province called Sanuki, which shared the same borders as the current Kagawa prefecture. Not sure when the name changed. Currently, when one looks for Sanuki, the place, one would be referred to Sanuki city さぬき市 which takes up a small portion of Kawaga prefecture.

A splash of soy-sauce based soup stock, a shower of Tenkasu 天かす (literally means ‘Heavenly waste’ 😂 a.k.a. tempura sprinkle), and you’re ready to slurp!

Added in an order of Prawn and Mizuna-vegetable Kaki-age 地えびと水菜のかきあげ. It was so crispy when I dug into it. 

As we left, we caught this lovely crimson sunset.

Yamadaya Udon

うどん本陣 山田家本店

Kagawa, Takamatsu, Murecho Mure 3186 [Google map link] 


Tel: 087-845-6522 

10am-8pm. Meals served throughout the day

We paid: ¥1110 per pax.

Exterior © Courtesy of The Celecton

Stay @ The Celecton

Arrived 5:50pm

This hotel used to be Okura Hotel Takamatsu, then rebranded as The Celecton on 1st Oct 2019. 

Interior of Twin room © Courtesy of The Celecton Hotel 

We liked that the room has enough space for two people, and plenty of bags. Because it was one of the few rooms left, I could only book a smoking room. To our relief, we couldn't detect much smoke scent in the room. 

Carpark’s huge. There is a tiny shop next to the check-in counter which has Udon souvenirs.

The hotel's decor is dated. But that didn't bother us much as we did not intend to spend much time at the hotel. Check-in, drop bags, wash up for dinner, crash, wash up next morning, and leave!

Would stay again if on a budget.

Celecton Hotel ザ・セレクトン高松

〒760-0036 高松市城東町1-9-5

Booked via 

We paid ¥8281 for one night 

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