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Iya Valley Road-Trip - Day 2 Part 4 - Beautiful Pinetree park

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

After a good seafood lunch, a slow walk in the park would help to digest our lunch. We have a few more places to bite at later!

Chill out @ Tsuda no Matsubara・Kinrin-koen Park

Arrived 2:50pm - Depart 3:30pm

Slowly walking along the white coast, accompanied by the sound of waves splashing intermittently at the coast, the touch of wind caressing my ears. This is the kind of experience that would calm a stressed mind down. 

Tsuda no Matsubara is one of the top 100 beaches in Japan. If you want to know which are the other 99 locations, you can refer to Japanese Wikipedia’s page [link] which has thumbnails for people to browse, or another Japanese website [link] which has similar information but fewer links, no thumbnails but also lists the top 100 waterfalls and forests in Japan.

The park was a filming location for some vintage movies, such as Arashi no Hatashi  jou 「嵐の果し状」[movie synopsis in Japanese], and Tekkabayashiburi 「鉄火場破り」[movie synopsis in Japanese].

During summer, the coast and park are filled with people. Somehow, images of sun-soaking beach bunnies, puppies frolicking in the sand, and speedo-adorning men come to mind. 

Tsuda no Matsubara - Kinrin Park


香川県さぬき市津田町津田 [Google map link] 

Parking (Free): In front of Quataraso Sanuki Tsuda [Google map link]

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