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Iya Valley Road-Trip - Day 3 Part 1 Gorgeous Ritsurin Garden

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Today is the day we drive from Takamatsu, to the depths of the neighbouring prefecture Tokushima, to reach the remote Iya Valley. It's going to be a long drive. Bear with me. First up, let's get some exercise in by exploring Takamatsu's prized garden.

Walk @ Ritsurin

Arrived 9am - Depart 10:30am

A gorgeous landscaped garden, Ritsurin is one of the main attractions of Takamatsu. Its beauty captivated many visitors, with a number of them suggesting that it should be placed alongside the Three Great Gardens of Japan (日本三名園 Nihon Sanmeien). Ritsurin was awarded three stars in the ‘Michelin Green Guide Japan’. 

The huge garden is filled with hundreds of manicured pine trees, thirteen landscaped hills, and six ponds, many of which are filled with koi fishes. 

As we wandered through the pathways amidst the pine-trees, we encountered these two koi playing.

One can feed the koi fishes with special breadsticks available for sale within the gardens.

Those who enjoy relaxing boat rides, the Wasen Boat Ride might be your thing. Led by the garden’s boat guides, they’ll punt you around the lake which lies closest to Kikugetsu-tei Tea House. 

Map © Source from うどん県旅ネット

They have suggested walking routes for visitors to follow.


Opens every day. Opening hours vary according to month. See link for details [link] 

Entrance fee: Adult ¥410, Child ¥170

Lockers are available. 

Parking (Pay per hr): ナイスパーキング栗林公園東第3-88 [Google map link] 

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