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Iya Valley Road-Trip - Day 3 Part 2 Udon in the Mountains

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Lunch @ Sanukiya

Arrived 12noon (We filled up our petrol tank before arriving here - as petrol kiosks are scarce in Iya Valley) - Depart 1pm

As we were driving along the windy mountainous roads of Tokushima mountains, we stopped at Sanukiya, a popular Udon restaurant. Most of the restaurants we passed by along our drive had fairly empty parking lots, but Sanukiya’s is packed!

Udon here is all hand-made. I got the Ten-zaru Udon 天ざるうどん (¥820). A squeeze of Sudachi citrus-lime into the dip enhanced the flavours of the Udon. Tenpura was piping hot, and crunchy.

Dishes are simple and cheap, yet so flavourful. The Curry Udon カレーうどん (¥480) had rich deep flavours.

There is an pot containing skewered Oden ingredients, and a counter with freshly fried Tempura. That's the chef cutting the wheat dough into Udon strands with a chopper in the background.

The system here: Order your dishes from your table. Pick whatever extra Tempura or Oden stuff you like from the pot and counter. When your server brings your dishes to your table, he/she will tabulate your bill. After slurping and burping, pay at the counter.


徳島県三好市池田町州津藤の井540-1 [Google map link] 

Tel: 0883-72-5125 

9:30am-7pm. (Closes at 8pm between Mar - Oct). Opens everyday

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