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Colors is to art

Love is to peace

Essential parts

To a masterpiece

A bit of this,

And a bit of that,

That dish looks bliss,

Gonna make me fat!


To fully appreciate Japanese cuisine and the restaurant scene as a whole, one would need to understand the essentials: the ingredients. Color, Texture, Smell, Flavour, Supplement, Enhancement. 


Journey with me as I attempt to understand more about the Japanese ingredients. 




         Tamagoyaki (Egg Roll)

        Omu-rice - Omelette on Rice

Quintessentially Japanese

        Dashi - a must know in all Japanese kitchens

        Oden - Winter hotpot



        Unagi - the ubiquitous freshwater eel 

       Anago - the famous alternative to Unagi

       Hamo - Kyoto's favourite eel

       Dojo (Dozeu) - only some may have heard of

                                   these guys


        Maguro (Tuna) - Tsukiji's most popular fish

        Saba (Mackerel) - basic fish in most menus

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