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Autumn Road-trip: Day 1 Part 6 Seafood dinner at Marusan-ya in Tsuruga

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

After an hour's drive, we finally arrive in Tsuruga 敦賀. Although we drove after nightfall, the roads were nicely lit with headlight beams of other cars.

Dinner @ Marusan-ya

We walked up a flight of stairs.

and found ourselves in a cosy Izakaya which specialises in seafood. Ordering here is pretty easy. There is a tablet to press in your order. There is a wide selection of dishes.

We started off with a huge platter of Sashimi.

Followed by grilled Nodoguro. Why Nodoguro? It's in season, and grilling this oily fish brings out the deliciousness.

I love sour things, and I like Octopus, so let's get a dish of Tako-su たこ酢! The slices here are thick and big. Yum! We had plenty of other dishes here. What would you order when you come here?



福井県敦賀市白銀町6-41 2F [Google map link]

Tel: 0770-22-4528


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